AZDBBSROur membership is open to all Open Water Certified SCUBA Divers from any recognized sanctioning organization. Our instructors may take on non-certified students and extend membership applications to these students after successful completion of Open Water Certification.

Memberships are annual but will extend to the end of the month they expire. A grace period of 7 days from the dates of expiration is available for renewal without administrative fees.

We at AZ-DiveBuddies recognize that often our memberships may go unused for reasons beyond our control. To help in these situations our memberships can be put in hibernation within 7 days of expiration. Instead of letting your membership lapse and incurring administration charges to reinstate membership, we give you the choice to pay the administrative cost up front and if you wish to reactivate during the year just pay the balance of the membership fee or wait until your membership’s anniversary to renew. During a hibernation period you’ll still be kept informed and be invited to social events; but will not be able to use the purchase or discount programs. Hibernation cannot be used for consecutive years. Exceptions for certain situations on a case by case basis may be made: i.e. a military member deploying or pcs or tcs.

AZ-DiveBuddies reserves the right to make changes, additions, subtractions, or alterations to our policies as we in our sole discretion deem necessary at any time.