Why Join the Club?


Through our membership program we significantly reduce the cost to dive. This allows our members to invest in higher quality equipment, continued education, and dive more! The natural result is our member’s skills and safety tend to become more highly tuned.This allows our members further enjoyment of the sport compared to many of their non-member peers that can’t or don’t dive as often, or have access to reduced quality and quantity training.

Membership has the reward of joining a fun group of world travelers who love to socialize and share the experiences we’ve had diving around the world. We want to help you experience the dive life. We want you to dive with us and see how much fun you’ve been missing.

Our Pros offer free and unbiased expert advice on equipment purchases. Since we don’t profit from your purchases we have no reason not to! We want you to be comfortable and secure with your gear because that makes for the best dive experience and we are your DiveBuddies, we have your best interests at heart! We intend to dive with you, and like any good dive buddy, if our gear fails we may need to rely on your training and equipment in the water. This makes it in our best interest to ensure that every member has the best possible equipment, proper maintenance and expert training.

The club offers training through multiple member instructors for the most flexible scheduling. Our instructors, like our members, are welcome from all major sanctioning bodies. This allows members more choices of programs and specialties’.

Membership Benefits

  • AZ-Divebuddies APR Program
  • Annual 20 Air Fill cards with membership / renewal
  • Unbiased Pro Gear Selection Assistance
  • Use of pool for new equipment testing
  • Member Purchase Liaison Service
  • Dive Training Discounts
  • Club Travel Discounts
  • Affiliate Dive Shop Discounts
  • Club Social Events
  • Divebuddy.com Club Forum membership
  • The ability to find other active divers to dive with both locally and worldwide
  • Unlimited Savings Opportunities
  • Tips to Maximize your Diving Dollars and Dive Opportunities