What is AZ-DiveBuddies?

A SCUBA Divers Club, dedicated to reducing the cost to dive. We are a growing group of Arizona’s most active SCUBA Divers and Dive Instructors. We enjoy diving locally and traveling to exotic locales and the bonds of sharing these experiences with others. Through our club we enjoy reduced pricing on all our wants and needs within the sport which are not available to the general public.

Why was AZ-DiveBuddies Formed?

As SCUBA diving grew with popularity over the years it developed from a sport of an elite few to one enjoyed by the masses. In its’ early history SCUBA clubs formed to train, support, and supply the elite. As the sport grew the need for equipment dealers and educational facilities also grew and led many to open dive shops to take advantage of the demand for equipment and dive education. The lack of competition in most areas allowed these many stores to set prices high; which in turn gave the shop owners a very good living until the internet came and forced price competition between shops and online retailers. Some shops decided the fun and easy money were over and closed their doors. This has made it difficult for some divers to continue enjoying the sport and leads others to take a proactive stance towards remaining shops. These divers ask the question, “If my local dive shop closes where will I get my tanks filled or equipment serviced?” In response to that question, many divers pay more for travel, equipment, and training than necessary to support the local dive shop. This practice shouldn’t be necessary and wouldn’t be tolerated in any other business scenario but has become common within SCUBA.

AZ-DiveBuddies was formed to promote the sport by furthering the ability of divers in attaining high quality equipment, training, travel, service and dive education at a cost that will allow them to dive more frequently without sacrificing safety. We have stepped in to answer the question of where to refill air tanks and have equipment serviced when your local dive shop becomes temperamental about your shopping habits. We believe that Clubs, Local Dive Shops and Online Equipment Retailers can and should work together in the best interest of the divers and the sport.