May 172013

Last weekend  AZ-DiveBuddies  made their spring return to Lake Mohave and Cabinsite Point.

We numbered 6 in our group and while in the Bullhead City/Laughlin area stayed at Laughlin’s Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall.
This hotel’s accommodations are basic but budget friendly when the larger Hotels rates are not running specials.
The diving conditions at Cabinsite Point were predictably good with water temperature registering a minimum of 63*F and visibility of over 50′ we were easily able to see the van while swimming by the school bus. Finding Capt. Jack and the buoyancy course are no problem with these conditions and it made for good practice of our underwater still photography.
Our other dive was 2 coves over to the right of the point. I tested a new underwater video camera an Astek CM-7200. We immediately dropped to a depth of 65′ and came upon the cabin cruiser wreck known as Ranger Wreck. We were accompanied by a couple of new AOW divers who are still developing their skills and required us to seek shallows before finding the sail boat. We all enjoyed the dive and it leaves something else for them to see on their next visit. The camera worked well except it wasn’t fully charged and turned off prematurely but it did capture some nice footage. See the Facebook link or our YouTube link for the pictures and video.
Mar 122013

This past weekend AZ-DiveBuddies headed to Rocky Point Mexico for a couple of dives. We contracted with Sun & Fun for a trip to Bird Island aboard the Sirenas De Las Noches. This boat was recently acquired and it is still undergoing refit for diving but it’s already a fine platform to dive from. The Capt and crew are a well seasoned dive boat crew and were very helpful throughout the day.

Dive #1 was on the North side of Bird island at a site known as Rock Bridge. we dropped down to about 20′ and immediately were greeted by a large group of Sea Lions who were swimming in a swarm like a school of fish with individuals stopping to playfully nibble at our fins or swim around behind us. The sheer number of these playful creatures was beyond anything I had previously experience in other locations.

For dive #2 we ran around to the island’s north side and anchored in Lighthouse Cove. This dive was a bit more relaxing with only an occasional pass by a Sea Lion we focused more on the fish and searching the bottom for more unusual creatures.

We had a great time even though a storm the day before reduced visibility to 15′ and are in the process forging a great affiliation with Sun & Fun dive center for our members. Look forward to our announcement of member discounts and trip packages coming soon.

Nov 082012

This past weekend we were out at Lake Mohave for some great diving. Vis was 20-25′ and the water temps were 72* F down to 60′. John Masters, Brian Korn and Rob Walker found the features of Cabinsite Point (the school bus, Van and the scuba skeleton) we even decided to conduct a night dive. (John’s first) Next weekend Rob heads to Vegas for the DEMA show and some training classes to help better serve our club.   Nick Achten will be taking a small group to Rock Point for some salty fun. Anyone interested in joining him feel free to contact him.